Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Because the internet is full of useless crap and we like to read it.

1.  10 abandoned resorts that look like something from The Day After
2.  You can bitch all you want about your boss on FB and not get canned?
3.  Man sues White Castle because he is a Fat F***
4.  Ron Jaworski S***s himself on MNF broadcast
5.  7 things to bring to a bar.  Notice Kyle James didn't make this list.
6.  10 Awesome Beer Gardens 
7.  Does Rihanna make a good lingerie model?
8.  Some of you idiots still don't know how to tailgate right.  Here is a simple guide that even you can follow.
9.  Perfect video for those of you that live in the East Bottoms. - Luxury Living in a dumpster 
10.  Rest Easy, the DEA is all over Bath Salt abuse........
11.  13 Athletes killed in plane crashes
12.  Ana Ivanovic - US Open
13.  10 people with crappy jobs
14.  18 TV roles that were played by someone else first