Monday, September 05, 2011


I started putting together the weekend ketchup tonight and couldn't believe the amount of violence there was this weekend.  OK, I could believe it... Also, who decided to start building an Ark with dead bodies?  Can we get back to single murders instead of murder by two's.

1.  Two KCMO residents decide to increase the Overland Park murder rate.
2.  Two shot in meth town.  Funny that the two cities that Truman nuked in Japan are in better shape than his own birthplace.
3.  East Side life expectancy declines once again. 2 dead.
4.  Religious pervs cause man to off himself.
5.  Worst Car Jacker EVER.
6. 10th and Waverly isn't exactly college and metcalf.  3 SHOT........KCK
7.  Do it yourself cremation in Missouri
8.  Nothing good happens at 230am in KCMO. Another shooting