Sunday, October 02, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Read these links before you start complaining about your Monday.

1.  8 Reasons that the Dark Side kicks ass
2.  Prisoners make the most out of Arts and Crafts.
3.  New ways for JOCO Soccer Moms to get hammered while their husbands and kids are gone.
4.  25 Most disgusting foods in the world OR, What we should feed all welfare recipients.
5.  10 Important rules to follow when drinking.
6.  100 Best F Bombs in Movie History - Whoever came up with this had way too much time on their hands
7.  The "Pros" and Cons of smoking 
8.  For the Lions Gate crowd - 9 Rules to follow when wife swapping 
9.  10 Awesome lunch bags.
10.  Think the "close door" button on the elevator is legit?  5 things you think work that don't
11.  Cali prisons start releasing mothers early.  If you are the dad, well you are screwed.
12.  Bro code violators on TV.  Some might surprise you.
13.  Samuel L. Jackson talks Pulp Fiction
14.  7 Crazy ass things that fisherman have caught.
15.  10 Cities that will be wiped out by Volcanoes