Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

20 links to get your week started.  

1.  Yes there are is such a thing as "Zombie Muppets"
2.  Does your facial hair make you look like a douche bag?  Probably
3.  Computers from a kids point of view 1984
4.  Old People have a different outlook on Modern Culture. 19 examples
5.  Battlestar Galactica the movie is almost a done deal.
6.  Leann Rimes can hula hoop through a Cheerio.. EWW
7.  Hottest NBA Dancers - 128 of them.
8.  The Best Gaddafi is Dead Tweets
9.  10 Awesome Rooftop attractions.  #3 is a rooftop trailer park.
10.  Just in time for Halloween - 9 psycho places to check out
11. 5 Rum Cocktails that don't suck
12.  12 examples of why you are a douche bag and other people are cooler than you.
13.  Zombieland TV series in the works.
14. Kansas City is the 6th ranked Microbrewing city in the United States
15.  22,000 lesbian lust filled txts between gym teacher and student.  Oh, the student is 14 years old.
16.  Hipster Barista meme is funnier than crap.
17.  28 before and after pics of Joplin after the Tornado
18.  30 things you wouldn't expect to see on the road. 
19.  3 of the biggest Papa Smurf fans ever.
20.  1 in 5 women would rather be on Facebook than have sex