Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Because not everything in life has to be so freaking serious 

1.  20 cereals that Michelle Obama would love but ban you from eating.
2.  25 Crappy treats to give out on Halloween
3.  5 Illegal things that Suburban kids did when they were younger.
4.  Ashley Tisdale's recent Bikini pictures are everywhere on the internet (for a good reason)
5.  Fonzies Motorcycle is hitting the auction block.
6,  Rihanna drops $1500 at sex shop.
7.  Beaches are great for people watching, that is unless it is one of these 15.
8.  Kanye West crossed with Saved by the Bell is AWESOME
9.  Anna Kournikova gets molested by TSA agents, lucky bastards.
10.  15 crazy excuses people make to skip work.
11.  14 Cartoon characters that are the 1%
12.  How people react to Facebook postings.
13.  15 Hot sportscasters pose for our enjoyment