Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Occupy College Blvd

Oh wait, most of us do occupy college blvd, its called WORK.  

We have been telling you for nearly 5 years now that the liberals are nothing more than sniveling bitches looking for a handout.  Doesn't the Occupy Wall Street "protest" kinda prove that we were right?  True Liberals and hippies from the 60's should be pissed that these people are ruining their good name.
These people aren't out there marching for equal rights or to protest the slaughtering of Mrs. Bambi for our chili meat.

Nahhhh.  These douche bags are out crying over student loans and why they can't find a job with their degree in 14 century dead languages, $5 ATM fees, the new FB timeline and most importantly their suckage at life.  These guys/gals/its are nothing more than haters.  They failed at life and are now standing outside of buildings looking for a handout from the people that they hate.

Since they hate us all so much, why the hell should we help them?  Screw those guys, I say we throw piss filled balloons at them as we drive by in our SUV's and Sports Cars with our JO plates below our gated community parking stickers listening to XM radio on our way to our 12 soccer practice of the week.  

Let these bastards go door to door to all the "wealthy" people and beg for money rather than sending the IRS after us.  Hell I have more respect for a Bum holding up a cardboard sign than I do for a burnout slacker metro sexual hipster douche bag holding a protest sign.  At least play the guitar for me before you take 40% of my paycheck.  Do something!