Friday, October 07, 2011

Occupy Soros

There are still a few (very few) of you that believe that this occupy movement is a spontaneous grass roots movement without a political agenda.  I get it, really I do but shouldn't you research your cause a little bit more before you become insane?  Remember it was only a few weeks ago that reports began to surface that the Obama/Soros base wasn't energized and that young people were giving up on them?  and now THIS HAPPENS.  Come on, wake up your ignorance is being exploited for the benefit of Liberal Elitist.

Just take a look at this info and try to tell me otherwise.

1. promotes Occupy Wall Street more than ESPN promotes Sports Center.
2.  Obama's Job Bill now "suddenly" part of the Occupy hoax.
3.  We all know that the best protesters are paid protesters.
4.  Commie Huffington throws her spin machine behind Occupy.
5.  Loser Obama surprises nobody by endorsing his minion.
6.  The Socialist Party clearly present at Occupy.