Friday, November 11, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

20 links to read Monday as you fake your way through another day of work.  

5.  Divorced women have it worst now than before. 
7.  Penn State Students riot to protest the firing of their pedo protecting coach.  Photos
8.  12 money facts that elitist in congress don't want you to know.
11.  20 kids 
12.  Liberal protesters get offended when given job applications
14.  The government issues a warning about another American sub culture, Juggalos.  
17.  Have you given up on life?  7 signs that you have given up.
18.  Yes you are being watched almost every minute of the day in America.  Enjoy your freedom.
19.  50 best places to get drunk in the world. 
20.  I know its hard to believe but PORN on an airplane MIGHT be a bad idea.  10 reasons.