Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Gobble, Gobble you ungrateful bastards. 

1.  8 Ways to kick some ass on Black Friday
2.  Black Friday Combat Tactics
3.  10 Awesome vending machines that you probably have never seen
4.  10 drinks made by Coke that you won't see in the United States.
5.  Blond vs. Escalator 
6.  7 Drinks that Make you Fat
7.  5 Ways to handle Return lines this holiday season.
8.  6 Girls that are waiting for you to return for the holidays
9.  How to Thaw a Turkey
10.  Some of the Crap that Sundusky wrote in his book are a little troubling.
11.  10 Best Hackers of all time
12.  Is it wrong to drug your wife?
13.  Thanksgiving 1903
14.  30 Broke cities in America.
15.  Debt Collectors get beat down by the Gov.