Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Wire - Modern Warfare 4 - East Side Edition

If this keeps up 980 will have to switch from Coats for kids to Caskets for kids this holiday season.

1.  East side residents get biblical on Sunday and start murdering by 2's.   Midtown 2 shot
2.  Another Daily double in East KCMO on Saturday
3.  Shawnee mom leaves 2 kids under 6 at home so she could clean toilets. 
4.  You have to appreciate the work ethic that our murderers have.  Most people would just go home after killing one person but ours stay out and shoot 2 more and then torch one in a fire.  Dedication to ones craft should be admired.  
5.  93 year old man gets his ass killed for being horny for a meth town whore. 
6.  KCK Shooting Victim is keeping it real by not snitching.