Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast - End of Year

We will be shutting down for the next week for the holidays so the link list is a little bit longer than usual.  There is something for everyone so enjoy.  

1. 1975 was a crappy year for Christmas Gifts
2.  Tom Brady's Mansion 
3.  Remember when Prime time TV had decent Christmas specials?  11 memorable episodes
4.  Vanessa Bryant Wins Big
5.  10 TV cameos that you aren't suppose to forget
6.  Need some expensive gift ideas?
7.  Dr. Seuss has a Rick Perry collection
8.  If you are like me you could careless about information regarding marbles.
9.  10 toys that will give you stress relief.
10.  11 Reindeer facts
11.  Have you been busted for having sex at a Sports Stadium?  These 11 people have.
12.  Fukishima is a wasteland
13.  There are at the least 9 different types of drunk people.
14.  Rachel Maddow in a string bikini.... Eww
16. 12 BEST B MOVIES of Christmas
17.  Canned Pussy is coming to the United States. 
18.  The Common vs. Drake Beef is real
19.  Top 10 Internet Memes of 2011
20.  Top 79 Viral Videos of 2011
21.  CAUSE OF DEATH - Eating cocaine out of brothers ass
22.  Top 20 Boxed Wines - If you are the mother of a baby named Lisa, please do not open this link.
23.  10 best movie songs of 2011
24.  8 stages of pulling an all nighter
25.  What your favorite 80's band says about you.
26.  What is your Sleep Profile?
27.  50 things Men want but are afraid to ask for.
28.  The Best commercials of 2011
29.  13 places to get married that will make you crap your pants.
30.  What your toddler is thinking
31.  North Korea's Dark Side
32.  LEGOS Version of the 2011 Wrap up.
33.  Getting chased by the Blair Witch turned this chick into a drug dealer
34.  Redneck crimes typically involve attacking women with bowling balls.