Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

We will now continue with our regularly scheduled program

1.  Kim Jong-Ill always had a smile on his face.
2.  12 Family Car stickers better than the crap that we see on the roads.
3.  List of crazy crap that Semis have spilled on our roads.
4.  Did you know about these 12 sex scandals?
5.  Is there anything that Ron Paul thinks IS constitutional????

6.  Best apps for you to track your stupid new years resolutions.
7.  5 things that you do with your "unit" that chicks hate
8.  Ass detectors.
9.  7 signals that chicks give off to show that they are interested in you.
10.  10 Wierd looking McDonalds restaruant's
11.  Grocery Store lables translated 
12.  50 Hottest women of 2011
13.  Costco Virgin explains his first time.