Monday, January 09, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

14 Things you would of missed out on if I didn't find it for you

1.  Battle of the Celeb Milfs - Who has the best body?
2.  10 grossest things that could grow on your body....Skin Shedding???????
3.  Bristol Palin moves back home to Alaska.  Lucky Bastards. 
4.  11 Types of people that you will see at the Mall
5.  Chinese Wal Marts sell some crazy crap.  16 things.  
6.  Is internet porn replacing sex ed at school?
7  14 Pop Up retail shops
8.  45 Best mugshots of 2011
9.  7 steps to follow if you want to become a Career Student
10.  Charlize Theron is a born again virgin??????????
11.  Toilet Flushing could kill you. 
12.  10 people caught in public
13.  Why chicks shouldn't trust a guy that can't get laid
14.  What chicks think about the music you listen to