Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wire - Over/Under Update

Early this year I made my yearly Vegas betting line on the over/under in KCMO murders this year.  At first I was surprised at how many of you took the over 3 weeks in, you might be right.  

1.  If a house in East KCMO burns down, does the property value increase or decrease?
2.  MLK's dream doesn't mean much to East KCMO residents.  3 MURDERED
3.  Breaking into a home in the most armed 2 mile area on the continent is not a good idea.  NorthEast Robber Shot.
4.  Independence Center just met its end.  Shooting this weekend.  Shoppers tell the media how scared they were.  
5.   Charges were finally filed on the man that got 2012 off to a quick start.