Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

A not so serious look at the internet.  

1.  Because you want to know......How fat people have sex.
2.  Entering Wal Mart just got a lot better.
3.  12 types of Facebookers
4.  Women of the Super Bowl
5.  12 signs that you will see in East KCMO.
6.  Lea Michele is the new Candies girl.
7.  If you like pigs blood in your water supply..
8.  TV commercials about body functions are awesome
9. Don Cornelius took a trip on the bullet train.
10.  Is your pansy ass afraid of clowns????
11.  Some awesome Craigslist stories.  Well often if it didn't happen to you.
12.  Stupid Hoe is to controversial for BET