Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Stories to read instead of listening to Scott Parks repeat himself over and over....

1.  Detroit Housing sucks and it is nowhere near halftime. 
2.  Even fake Robots have come along way.  25 retro bots.
3.  Trashcan Art.  Nice!
4.  Worlds Top 10 Worst Parents.  Baby Lisa's parents not on the list?????
5.  Disney Land 1957
6.  At-At photos are taking over the internet.  No your friend didn't think of it first.
7.  Cereals that have been messed up over the years.
8.  8 Extreme Tourist Attractions 
9.  Douchebags  ruin everything. 
10.  The Occupy movement is Lame.  8 reasons why.
11.  12 neighborhoods that people will do anything to live in.
12.  10 Gadgets for Germ Freaks.