Thursday, March 08, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Because watching teachers do porn is not all there is to the internet 

1.  All the new specs for the Ipad 3 are out.  Buy me one and I will be your friend.
2.  There isn't a single place on the net that you are safe, including PINTREST
3.  Abortions are now $25 and available in vending machines.
4.  25 Awesome ways to execute people.  BRING THEM BACK
5.  Paula Dean is being accused of Racism.
6.  12 Burritos big enough to feed KC Fatties 
7.  Remember when you could disappear.  Well these are the inventions that ruined that.
8.  6 ways to pick up neglected JOCO housewives at Nick & Jakes
9.  Disney is PRO fat kid.
10.  10 Sales tricks you dumb ass's keep falling for.
11.  Ramen that you can't buy in America
12.  66 Hottest athletes in the world
13.  Mother and Daughter strip club acts???????????????