Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Covering crap  that nobody cares about for over 5 years.

1.  Hipster douche bags now drink Pabst Blue Ribbon
2.  10 awesome church designs
3.  11 Types of people that show up to weddings.
4.  The official review of KFC's Chicken Pot Pie
5.  20 knots that you need to learn to tie before zombies come and kill you
6.  Are you being monitored at work?
7.  More Cliff and less Drive for Cliff Drive in KC
8.  Did you eat any of this old school candy?
9.  Travon Martin March in NYC tonight
10.  The cheapest cars of 2012
11.  Healthy Bacon Recipes - or ways to ruin Bacon