Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loony Liberal - Jesus Freak - Other

Ever read a story and automatically think "stupid f'ing liberal" or "Typical Jesus Freak" and stop reading before you get all the information?  That is because the difference between the two groups is extremely small and nearly impossible to differentiate.  So moving forward, we will take advantage of your stupidity and play Loony Liberal, Jesus Freak or Other.  

Read the headlines below and try to decide which group is responsible.  

1.  Activist fire bombs State Senators office in Texas
2.  Tax information is now available to police for your safety
3.  Lubrication has entered politics.
5.  Another slut gets offended by statements made about her and demands apology.
8.  The spending of the nations wealthy with your money.
9.  The racist shooter in Florida has to be white right?  
10.  Another celeb in black face.
11.  Your food isn't good enough for the homeless!
12.  Media Freedom is under attack
13.  Politician believes that he knows how to better run your life.
16.  1% er being attacked for his success
17.  Students suffer again due to politics.