Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Wire - The JV steps up this weekend

Can KCK make 2012 their year?  Can't they let KCMO have anything?  

1.  2 dead and a freaking BABY wounded in shitsville.  And what the hell is a 16 year old doing at that apartment with a 21 year old???
2.  KCMO is getting soft!  Back in the day (2 weeks ago) there is noway that this would of ended peacefully. 
3. 2 more fine upstanding residents were gunned down by what were surely a couple of silly kids. 
4.  When robbing a Church's chicken it is important to wear your best coat.
5.  Who knew that drug dealers made crappy parents?  KCK again. 
6.  KCK man didn't realize that Kyle James is the only person in the metro that can get away with smakin ho's