Monday, April 09, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

This post was done on cough syrup, allergy medicine, cough drops and Sudafed.  Kansas springs suck.

1.  Florida cops dress as Easter Bunnies to spy on you as you sit in your car.  A new low?  Hat tip to  @binksbuddie
2.  12 of the hottest hot sauces in the world.
3.  10 things you douche bags need to quit doing on Facebook.
4.  Miley Cyrus caught with no panties on??????
5.  5 Historic examples of how weird Easter can get.
6.  Summer jobs that even KCMOSD students could do.
7.  Top 10 hitmen of the Sicilian mafia
8.  $20,000 suits will make you look good in Bankruptcy court.  Warren Sapp.
9.  Map of KCMO before drive by shootings and Kyle James
10.  10 signs that you are watching an awesome movie from the 80's.
11.  Ways to compliment a woman's body without coming across as a creep.
12.  Yes, there actually was a Beatles cartoon.
13.  5 things you can learn by quitting your  job.
14.  12 awesome custom Lawn Mowers.
15.  Kick Ass photos of what people thought transportation would be like in the future.
16.  20 signs that America is full of mental midgets.