Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Be entertained minions!

1.  Fugly liberal women plan to "fight for birth control" (cus it's illegal?) - Sluts Across America  The interactive map will let you find sluts in your zip code.
2.  5 Lies that the Federal Reserve is telling you
3.  How to make money with your yard sale without slanging rock or pimping hoes 
4.  7 of the nastiest whores on TV and Movie
5.  18 Geeky protest posters
6.  What does your underwear  say about you. Holy crap this is disturbing
7.  7 Beers to Drink this Spring
8.  Finally a site where you can find slutty women that are willing to put out for an aisle seat or room with a view.
9.  40 Questions everyone is afraid to ask
10.  10 Common things that you are overpaying for.