Friday, April 20, 2012

The Wire - Pregame Show

Took a break from "The Wire" for a couple of weeks since the media was actually starting to pay attention to some of the crime in this city.  The same crime that we have been discussing and WARNING the metro about over the past 5/6 years that has gone unnoticed.  Anyways, even with the local news coverage starting to pick up the pace on their reporting they still suck at discussing what is going on.  

Why are the politicians and the media so against admitting that we have a gang problem?  Are they trying to protect the city image?  You almost NEVER hear gangs discussed in this city.  

1.  Liberty woman abducted and raped by ugly red headed guy.  
2.  What is your reward for surviving 78 years in crapville?  You get murdered and charred in your house.
3.  Is there a crappier location in a 300 mile radius than NE KCMO?  Murder 
4.  Creative robbers target a high end vacuum business in KCMO

Over/Under on metro murders this weekend is set at 4