Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

The only crap worth reading on the internet today.  For Realz.

1.  7 Sandwiches that suck for kids (especially "Ghetto Loaf")
2.  4 types of friends that guys have to deal with because of their gf/spouse
3.  Does your wife want to hire a Maid Service?  We found the perfect one just in time for Mothers Day
4.  Rickets, Scarlet Fever and 6 other diseases are making a return trip to our bodies.
5.  The SPAM Croissant sandwich debuts at Jack n Box.
6.  27 Worst places to wake up drunk
7.  Fenway Park 1914
8.  8 Things your ignorant ass should know how to do.
9.  Top 100 Web Apps!!!!!!!!!!
10.  150 million Americans drink coffee everyday.  Is it good for them?
11.  All nude hotel now available in Florida
12.  7 year old girl in plastic car was towed by suburban driven by grandparents... WOW