Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

I encourage all of my Missouri readers to read these stories while driving.  

1.  10 crappy automotive additions made to vehicles in the 70's
2.  What your mother really wants for Mothers Day
3.  15 funny bar signs 
4.  Scientist can now get you drunk in under 30 secs.
5.  Worlds Tallest Water Slide
6.  6th graders film porn video inside their school in Mexico...
7.  New Rochelle, Ny takes a piss on 3 great American holidays (how the hell do you cancel a holiday). I have decided to cancel June 13th in protest of this move
8. EXPERT:  7 signs that you are watching too much porn.
9.  Samsung releases $9000 OLED TV
10.  13 most isolated outhouses on this planet.