Monday, May 14, 2012

The Almost Daily Link Blast


1.  Kansas City Failure - All the bars in this city and not a single one is Top 25 material.
2.  9 regrets you don't want to have when you are older
3.  10 Things that single people say.  A MUST READ
4.  Saturday Nights are date nights for a reason!
5.  TRACK 8 app review.
6.  Its National Burger Month.  22 burger recipes that might not suck.
7.  Demi Lovato becomes a judge for X Factor
8.  Obama is now known as the Gay President and not the first black president. I personally think that they got it right this time.
9.  40% of the yutes in this country don't think that Birth Control matters. Aren't they right?  All one has to do is take a pill a couple of days later and it is like nothing happened.
10.  12 causes of depression (other than KC area sports teams)