Saturday, May 26, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

1.  The exploitation of Trayvon Martin's death has reached new heights.  TRAYVON MARTIN DAY is now a real thing in D.C. Schools.  Makes sense to worship this guy and not the 1000's of soldiers killed in the past 10 years.
2.  Are the streets of Prospect any safer after this DUI checkpoint?  Is that really what we should be focused on in the East Side?
3.  What a crappy way to die.
4.  Lawrence, Ks sicko has been carrying his mother ashes in his center console for the past 2 months.  Oh, and now the dead mom has been abducted.
5.  Everything turns to blight in KCK at some point.  
6.  Kansas no longer has to worry about enforcing foreign laws....