Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Doing more media show prep than any other blog in the midwest. 

1.  Top 15 Crime Bosses in action today. (not including politicians, union leaders and organized religion)
2.  Is your wife thinking of a woman when she is in bed with you???
3.  See how campaign posters have evolved over the past 200 years.
4.  If you have crappy neighbors then you can appreciate - 7 Worst Neighbors Ever
5.  Worlds Strangest Sex Laws - "in Indonesia masturbation carries a penalty of decapitation"
6.  34 Dumbest words that the Government monitors.  Yeah Freedom.
7.  Just in time for summer vacation "How to prepare for a road trip".
8.  Ketchup packets have a hall of fame?
9.  6.5 million people lost their passwords on Linkedin....So I should worry about them having access to what exactly?
10.  Cremation will be done at 451 F.
11.  Gas can is more important than toddler to this psychotic bitch.