Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

I saved you all by not posting the link to the naked Snooki pictures.  You are welcome!

1.  Here is a gift guide for the Leawood dad that has everything. The joke here is that one of the 2 nannies should really be getting one of these gifts.  There are actually Lions Gate families that have TWO NANNIES and still complain about their kids.
2.  Here is a gift guide for the KCK dad.  Poor bastards.
3.  12 Awesome secluded houses for dad to spend a quiet Fathers Day
4.  If your Pin or Password is listed below then you are too stupid to live. 
5.  8 TV Space Ships that don't suck
6.  6 Things for you to STOP POSTING ON FACEBOOK NOW
7.  Fathers almost always get crappy razors for Fathers Day.  Here are some unusual shaving rituals from around the world.
8.  20 apps to make your Facebook timeline better.
9.  Someone finally explains to us why all Feminist are Butt Ugly.
10.  THIS JUST IN - Faux Hawks are for douche bags.