Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Joco residents become welfare whores

The next 4 months will be some of the most tense months of most of our lives.  Socialist are going to divide this county and piss on our constitution to hold power and ruin our country if not elected.
The term Whore is not gender specific 
Be on the lookout for 
1.  The race card
2.  Class warfare
3.  Gender warfare
4.  Religious persecution
5.  Made up statistics
6.  Blatant lies

They will blame everyone but themselves for the hell hole that this country is turning into.  Seriously, who haven't they blamed for this? George Bush, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, Oil Companies, Wars, Wall Street, Russia, China and of course my favorite "not enough time to fix it".  Notice that there isn't a single mention of Government Spending, Entitlements, Unions, Expansion of government jobs, wasted dollars spent on "going green" and a union run education system that is producing a generation of morons incapable of doing anything for themselves.

As the suck the lemming of this country into their web of dependency they increase their base.  A generation of slackers is willing to do whatever they can to keep on slacking and live off of Obama money.  In the meantime the boy king is taking away their freedoms at a record pace.  That is why people are looking the other way when they are being told what they can eat, feed their kids, say in public, how to practice their religion, what money they should keep out of their earnings and who gets to keep the rest of it.

I don't have to look beyond my own neighborhood for proof of the Obama effect.  Sure it use to be the poor that exploited the system.  When someone mentions welfare abuse etc.. they always think of minorities with 16 kids living in the projects but they are wrong.  Your new welfare family is made up with people that have figured out how to work the system so they can live in your neighborhood without having to lift a finger to contribute to society.  These are people that are able to work but refuse to forth any effort to get a job and provide for their family without the assistance of our president.

Why should they get a job? The government is there for them to feed their kids, pay for their tuition, free medical, free activity fees, reduced utilities etc.. That's right, while you are out busting your ass everyday away from your family, friends and events these slugs of earth are living up the good life all on your dime.  While you scrimp and save so that you can afford birthday gifts, eat out  for dinner once a week and maybe do a family activity once a month these folks are eating out 6 times a week, going to movies all the time, buying expensive gifts for each other, taking vacations and enjoying the good life.  The life you wish you had and the life you work hard to achieve.

If they do make some cash they of course hide it from the government so that they don't have to pay taxes on it or risk losing their awesome entitlements.

They do this with no guilt or remorse at all.  They do this right in front of your face.  They do this because they know that there are no consequences and well, because under this administration they can.