Thursday, June 14, 2012

Segregated Fountains again in KC?

This whole Crown Center fountain thing has seemed foul since the beginning and after doing a little research and talking to some folks in the media and bloggers I am pretty sure that I am right.  I wont go to far into the story because Tony has nailed this thing but I do have a few questions to ask.

1.  How is the water suddenly dirty this year?  I find it hard to believe that with the purification that takes place in our water now compared to a decade ago that we NOW have to worry.

2.  Isn't it weird that this didn't happen until people started complaining about how crowded Crown Center is now?  And why is a crowded entertainment/retail district a BAD THING?  Isn't that what you want?

Personally, I think that a private business can do whatever they want with their property so closing off the fountains isn't controversial to me at all.  The explanations as to WHY on the other hand are extremely suspicious.  If they would of just come out and said that crowds were to big or something, then this wouldn't be an issue