Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Taking over the internet one link at a time.  

1.  Finally a Library that gets it.  San Fran public libraries care about your porn watching and are helping you do it in peace and quiet.  Next month, lube and Kleenex in every cubicle at Tax Payer expense.
2.  Getting raped by your 5 wives doesn't sound like to bad of a way to go, at first glance.
3.  Stossel - America and how it loves laws.
4.  Who would of thought that we would ever live in a country that required a Heterosexual Awareness Month.
5.  Psycho Gunman had to pay to get laid.  Nah
6.  Embarrassing side effects from taking prescription drugs.  Yikes.
7.  12 best bacon flavored items available today.
8.  Ice - T speaks the Truth
9.  "Foodie" douche bag levels have hit new heights - Pairing soft drinks with cool ranch doritos.
10.  5 Shrinks worth hating. 
11.  Croc vs. Zebra
12.  A tribute to Payphones. I almost shed a tear.
13.  The Ultimate Bill Murray Tribute