Monday, July 09, 2012

The Wire - All Star Edition

I have stopped doing this section of the blog for awhile now because of the depressing nature of the city's violence but I have to post now.  Have you thought about what the national media is seeing about our city while here covering the All Star Game?  Look at these headlines and ask yourself if you would want to live/vacation here.

1.  Customer Service is lacking if you get murdered in KCMO.
2.  Retirement age for KC metro criminals has moved to 75.
3.  18 month old baby  is basically killed by her psycho mom
4.  The term "rolling gun battle" is always good for the tourist indusry
5.  KCMO drive by shooters don't miss when aiming at minors.  16 year old dead.

Be Proud and remember that this is our time.