Friday, July 27, 2012

Things that Piss Me Off

I will keep this short and sweet for the ignorant impared 

1.  Time Warner Cable - They have worst service BAR NONE of any company in the metro.  

2.  Chic Fil A  Haters - Get over yourselves dumbasses.  90% of you never ate there before you found out that the president of the company didn't believe in gay marriage and 100% of you are bitching just to get attention.  Local media personalities need to stop headline chasing and stop talking about and writing stories about NON STORIES.   You unoriginal Fucks.  

3.  It's Hot - Yeah NO SHIT.  Thanks for telling me and asking me if it is still hot outside.  Have you noticed that the more you bitch about the heat the cooler the temperature gets?  OH right.  That doesn't freaking happen.