Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

Links that have nothing to do with politics that I will skew into right leaning headlines. 

1.  40 gadgets that left wing burnouts will never be able to afford.
2.  10 awesome dorm rooms to come back to after socialist try to brain wash you in class.
3.  10 proven ways to get motivated on Mondays - Liberals can skip this since most of you don't have jobs.
4.  Your liberal douche bags at the FDA are more dangerous than you think when it comes to these 9 food rules. 
5.  Where do liberals go on the web?  one of these TOP 10 MOST DISTURBING online communities. 
6. Liberal pansies are too sensitive to look at The Breaking Bad Art Project.
7.  15 abandoned skate parks that were closed down due to lawsuits from the left