Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback - Media Idiots in KC

Back in 2008 I wrote a post titled "Top 10 Media Idiots in KC" which blasted the so called media elite in this town.  These so called elite were suppose to be the best of what KC had to offer, or at least that is what they thought.  If you take a look at the top 10 from 4 years ago there is only 1 that has continued to be an actual viable KC personality and that is Kevin Kietzman.

The others are either gone or have been reduced to career rubble.
1.  Hearnes Christopher - Obsolete
2.  Jeffery Flannagan - Obsolete
3. Ash-har Quraish - Ran out of town
4.  Katie Horner - Obsolete
5.  Neal & Marty - Obsolete
6.  Steve Rose  - Lost everything
7.  Entercom Radio - Continues to be a revolving door of cluster fucks

  • Lost Chris Merrill to a bigger market due to 980's love of Scott Parks
  • Put Nick Wright in drive time against Kietzman 
  • Gave Chris and Cowboy a better time slot
  • Moved Darla to a crappy time slot
  • Ran off Mike Shannin 
  • Turned the 2-6pm slot into Air America - We have all seen how well that works in this market right?  Dana Wright will be on this list in a year
  • Put in a guy that nobody has heard of or thinks is funny to replace Merrill.  Half of this town still couldn't tell you the name of that guy including me.

8.  Mike Hedricks - Become Mr. Irrelevant
9.  Devon Lucie - Was put on the list as a joke because of his last name but he is even gone.

What this information shows us is that there are only a handful of local media types than you can count on in this city and can actually be called residents of this area.  The rest are carpet baggers collecting a check in this city.

Time always catches up with the hacks in this town and the next group are on the clock.