Thursday, August 02, 2012

Olathe isn't very kid friendly

I think that we can finally move Olathe into the #5 spot of crap holes in the metro area.  Yes Joco, our slum dog millionaires to the southwest have finally passed Raytown, Gladstone and Roeland Park on the crap list (Top 3 are KMCO, KCK, Independence, Grandview).  Hope is gone for you and you have now gone from being our county seat to the stinky ass crack that once sat on the seat.

Here are you recent examples of trashiness.  Take a bow.

1.  Olathe woman rapes 14 year old kid.
2.  Olathe woman sodomised 3 YEAR OLD. Yes this is a different woman
3.  Parents let 3 year old kid fall 3 stories from a window.
4.  Felons close down neighborhood when served with warrant.