Monday, September 24, 2012

A message to the Overland Park Police Chief

Dear Chief,
First off let me clarify this email by stating that this is not directed to the officers that risk their lives everyday for us.  This is a question of leadership not a question of the quality of officers that you have working for you.

I know that you might have one of the easiest jobs in the country and that the most vital duty you have to the city is to generate revenue BUT do you think you might be able to start patrolling neighborhoods a little more?

This past weekend our subdivision was full of prowlers cutting through backyards, roaming the streets at late hours of the night etc... It is almost like they knew that there wouldn't be a single patrol car in the area and they had free reign of the area.

What this led to was a bunch of residents running would be criminals out of their neighborhoods and tracking down fence jumpers in their vehicles.  Is this really what we have come to in South Overland Park?  Do we need to form "neighborhood watches" (cus we all know how well that worked out in Florida)?

Sure traffic tickets, pathetic DUI  checkpoints, massage parlor "stakeouts" and the crackdown of weed generate a lot more revenue and headlines for you and make it more likely that you will remain chief but could you throw us just this bone and let us sleep in piece?