Friday, September 28, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast - Keeping it Local

The fact that these are the 10 most interesting stories that I could find regarding the metro shows how pathetic our area is.  

1.  The chances of getting killed by a drunk driver in Lenexa just went up now that they seized 2700 lbs of weed.
2.  The metro changes bus routes and not 1 person gave a F***
3.  Remember Baby Lisa?  That investigation is going stellar
4.  Todd Akin points out the obvious - Claire McCaskil isn't very lady like. He must of meant her looks.
5.  KCMO PD brags about taking 30 years to solve a case.  
6.  Tongie Trailer Trash is just fun to say. Rot in Hell Pedo!
7.  41 year old Joco woman MIGHT be the worst criminal in history.
8.  KCK Rappers go 2pac and Biggie
9.  The people that have been on the Cliff Drive committee might be the only group worst than the KCMO School Board.
10. KC Bizz Journal is now covering how appealling guys packages are...