Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

12 links that don't suck

1.  Our unemployed, food stamp using population excels at one thing.  Downloading illegal content.
2.  Our favorite radio personality asks "Why can't we make fun of Muslims" - @voiceofmerrill
3.  Urban Living Room?  
4.  11 important things to know about living in Boston.
5.  10 commandments of air travel.  #1 is by far the most important.
6.  4 ways to fight laziness besides leaving the Democratic Party.
7.  Shop now for the Ron Swanson look
8.  Holograms on your Iphone 5?
9.  How many bible thumpers have had premarital sex and will end up in hell?  A Lot lol.
10.  Next time you kiss your wife you MIGHT want to read what her cosmetics are made out of.  Chances of her being covered in whale poop, road kill or foreskins from an infant are high.
11.  How to tell your significant other that she is brutal in bed.
12.  The 10 cheapest cities in America.