Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

"The Mot*** F****** Saga Continues"
 In the words of the poets from Compton, CA  

1. @voiceofmerrill discusses the pros and cons of drinking from your ass.
2.  Ramen Rater is real and does exactly what it says.  Enjoy you Broke bastards.
3.  Can Men and Women be "just friends"?  Yeah right!
4.  $460,000 for a bottle of whiskey?  What pretentious prick would buy that?
5.  10 Tips on how to get a job from KCMO residents.
6.  Should men quit Facebook?  Not that any actually would.
7.  15 greatest Nickelodeon Shows of the 90's.  Double Dare!
8.  The 2013 Good Pub Guide is out.
10.  How to remove crappy Instagram Filters
11.  6 annoying things you pricks do on the Office Elevator. 
12.  10 facts about flirting that you didn't know
13.  10 Tricks on how to sell your crap and make some money.
14.  Infographic - Every Apple Computer Ever Made
15.  These are the toys that your spoiled brats will want for Christmas this year.
16.  Infographic - History of Halloween.
17.  ESPN goes Twitter in their new News Feed.
18.  Why Psychotic Women are great in bed.
19.  12 Things Women want in Bed besides more Pillows.
20.  Check out Guy Crap on Tumblr for more