Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

10 Links guaranteed to bring joy to your otherwise useless existence 

1.  Slut Fluke proves that being a slut doesn't make you popular.  10 people come to see the moustached one speak about aborting babies and getting free condoms.
2.  Michelle Obama takes some big craps.
3.  10 tastefully slutty Halloween costumes for women.
4.  10 most evil people in the bible
5.  @voiceofmerrill discusses slutty halloween costumes that shouldn't be worn at office parties.
6.  10 sexist products that you can actually buy.  Perfect gift for the Obama supporter you know.
7.  8 Phone calls that most people ignore.
8.  24 Awesome caves to explore
9.  50 years of Bond Cars
10.  "what a young man should know" 1933