Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Crap

Crap that I have been thinking about

  • Facebook sucks when it's election season.  I have blocked and removed more people from my timeline because of their spam like posts than I have blocked FB game notifications.  I don't mind it when there is a debate on but other than that LEAVE ME ALONE
  • Road work is done to make roads safer right?  Have you ever wondered how many wrecks are caused while they are making the roads "safer"
  • Why is torturing someone to save the lives of Americans called "extreme" torture YET killing a baby that you didn't want called "emergency" contraception?
  • How is buying a 32 oz soda deadly but buying two 16 ozs ok?
  • The two most deadly non intoxicated drivers in the metro are Old People and people that drive too slow on the highway (especially when they stay in the passing lane)
  • Are Ugly people the only ones allowed to moderate a debate?  
  • Does anyone listen to 980 between 9-11am anymore?  I never have anyone come up to me and ask if I heard something mentioned on that show.
  • While we are on the subject of local media, does anyone subscribe to the KC Star?  We were called nearly 20 times in one week to subscribe again and that just screams desperation.  Maybe if it were still a local paper but never as a conglomo leftist piece of litter box lining.
  • Glenn Beck just advertised a pair of jeans that cost $119 because they are made in America. Who the hell is going to buy those?  
  • People that get gas at the Quick Trip @151st and 69 highway while it is under construction are freaking morons.  Don't believe me?  Watch them try to navigate through the pumps. 
  • People that claim to be Republicans yet live off the Government Teet are worst than the person that tells you that they vote for Obama for a free phone. 
  • Hulk Hogan Sex Tape = Dog eating dogSh** out of the backyard.
  • Clark Hunt and David Glass don't deserve the respect of anyone in this city.  What the hell have they done for us in the past 20-30 years?  I find it humorous when sports media hacks call them Mr. Hunt and Mr. Glass to show them "respect".  
  • Fall > Spring, Winter, Summer