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17 links to take your mind off of this crappy week.  

1.  15 Water Worlds to live on.
2.  An open letter to people that are too Freaking stupid to piss right.
3.  Male Gym Teacher had sex with 15 year old female student HUNDREDS OF TIMES.  WTF
4.  Infomercial characters that suck at living.
5.  The 9 scariest attractions on the planet - "Zombie Mall"?
6.  Top 10 exposed Intelligence Operations.
7.  Jihadist Webmaster tactics (very similar to the DNC site)
8.  Black Ops 2 Prestige Emblems are out.
9.  People actually think that Youtube is making us smarter.
10.  Obama's policies are so bad that even the Big Mac is struggling.
11.  Singapore is the new Las Vegas
12.  "make science your servant" Awesome ad from 1946
13.  5 US cities that were destroyed and rebuilt
14.  Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients
15.  20 pictures to remind you just how much the 90's sucked.
16.  50 things every sports fan should know how to do besides dealing with crappy Kansas city teams.
17.  Top 25 Urban Legends still being told.

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