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International House of Filth

Woman was murdered to cover sexual assaults, authorities allege - KansasCity.com 

How many sex crimes have been committed in the metro area under the watchful eye of religious organizations?  These wonderful followers of god weren't happy with just sexually assaulting this woman, noooooo, they went ahead and murdered her as well.  What is it that is being taught at this Grandview cult and what is going on that we don't yet know about?  

Has anyone met a "normal" member of the International House of Prayer?

100 to 1 odds say that they had a Jesus fish on the car that they drove to murder her.


  1. This didn't have anything to do with IHOP... it is no different than highschool/college murders. Crazy people are every where and most of the time we don't find out until it is to late.

  2. It doesn't sound like this has anything to do with IHOP. We dont blame the colleges/highschools when there are murders. Crazy people are everywhere and we dont usually know until it is to late. You are slightly ignorant.

  3. The article in the Kansas City Star brings up the IHOP connection and mentions IHOP leadership in the story. The people that committed the sexual assaults and murder were acting church members, lived 2 blocks from the church and claimed that all this was done for religious purposes.

    If this had taken place at KU or MU etc.. I would of mentioned the schools, their administration and its subgroups.