Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Day After

Last night after a lot of thought I decided to scrap the idea for an @radiodana fan page. It would me unfair of me to mock those of you that are actually working on the real thing.  Plus, there just aren't enough pictures and info about her out on the internet to start one.  

So I have had a ton of emails, tweets, IM's etc.. asking me for my thoughts on last nights embarrassment to the Republican Party so here we go.
  • I told you idiots from the beginning that we had a terrible group of candidates to pick from this primary season and I was right.
  • It will be nice to have people with chemistry degrees making my drinks at Tanners.
  • Do you think that the religious right still believes in the power of prayer today?  You prayed for 4 years and look at the results.  
  • How much longer do you think that the Republican party will continue to put these moderates out there that are afraid to fight for the job?  
  • Todd Akin is the biggest jackass on the planet.  I hope he feels like total crap today and understands that his political future is DONE.  The only job he is capable of is making signs for planned parenthood protests.  You legitimately raped the people of Missouri from getting rid of McCaskill.
  • The Idiot in Indiana is just as big of a douche bag as Akin.  Wonder how many votes that these two idiots took from Romney.
  • Obama supporters in the metro have nothing to cheer about.  Your efforts did nothing to get the president elected.  You continue to live in Red States, remember that.
  • Missouri candidates for State office were embarrassing.  The party heads in Missouri should all be shit canned today.  
  • Extremist views on immigration will continue to destroy the Republican Party.  There needs to be a compromise between kicking them out and the dream act.  
  • I hate the Browns, Bengals, Reds, Indians, Pacers, Dolphins, Jaguars, Buckaneers, Marlins etc...I hope that your teams continue to suck for the rest of your lives.  Oh yeah your famous Cincinnati chili tastes like something that came out of a babies diaper.
  • When you think about how many idiots you run into everyday while driving, eating out etc.. 59,971,178 morons isn't all that surprising. 
  • Republican strategist that thought this would be a landslide need to be added to that 59,971,178
  • Obama will be impeached within a year due to Libya
  • I feel like some chick named Sandy put on a strap on and bent me over the voter booth.
  • The only way that the Republican party will survive is if it becomes more libertarian and less big religion.