Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

I scrapped all scheduled posts this weekend because it didn't feel right being sarcastic when bodies of 1st graders were laying motionless in a classroom in Ct.  

BUT back to business. 

1.  Rick Ross is as real as Santa Clause. 
2.  Cosmo provides a service for women and reviews ummm Sex toys...
3.  5 Must Make Cocktails this Christmas
4.  Pick up your Hipster Starter Kit today
5.  12 Awesome Coke Vending Machines
6.  How to get Free Stuff
7.  Internet Porn Makes you Forgetful
8.  25 Ugliest Buildings in the world
9.   SWAT online has the gear you need to survive in 2013
10.  10 Epic Tech Gadget Failures