Friday, December 28, 2012

Worst of Kansas City 2012

These aren't opinions, these are facts.

1.  Biggest Local Hypocrite - Dana Wrights stance on guns (especially after Newtown) yet having a gun show run several commercials during her show during that exact time frame
2.  Biggest Athlete disappointment - Eric Hosmers flop this year is worst than any crap that the Chiefs had this year.
3.  Worst Radio Station - 710.  Does anyone listen to this channel?  They use to have the nutjob show on at night and now they don't even have that.
4.  Biggest Douche Bag neighborhood - Lionsgate.
5.  Worst Radio Show Host - The guy that comes on before Rush on 980.  I listened to the show the first week and haven't bothered listening since.  Nothing more than a bad Conan O'Brien wannabe hipster.
6.  Worst Johnson County City - Prairie Village.  The uptight snobs have taken douche bag elitism to a level never seen before.  Oh, and lets not forget their closing of the Christmas House on Falmouth.  Assholes. Worst Metro City - Independence.  This place might be the biggest eyesore in the Midwest
7.  Worst Parents - Baby Lisa's WT parents.
8.  Biggest Joke of a Person in KC - Kyle James and his wannabe gangsta rapping self.  Malibus Most wanted is more gangster than this silver spoon daddies boy.
9.  Worst Local Politician - Todd Akin.  This guy was probably the worst candidate in the history of candidates.
10.  Worst Local Church - International House of Prayer.  This cult is dangerous.
11.  Dumbest thing said on Radio - "When did this city get so violent?" Dana Wright KMBZ .
12.  Worst Media decision - Paywall by KC STAR.  - There were several good candidates for this one but the Star charging  $109 a YEAR takes the cake.
13.  Worst Retail Blight.  95th and Metcalf. Kmart, Metcalf South and abandoned towers....
14.  Biggest Government blunder - KS DMV and then considering charging us all a $2 fee to make up for their mistakes.
15.  Worst JOCO Celebration - Old Settlers days - When you can't tell the carnies from the residents you might have a problem.
16.  Worst School in Joco - SM West wins this one.  Remember the kid with the knife?  Have you seen their test scores?
17.  Biggest Threat to Freedom in KC - Phil Cosby and the American Family Association.  If you ever had any doubts about the extremism of the religious right then statue gate should of eliminated them