Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Clueless Leftist Drones

Wow, if you were to believe the leftist in this country you might actually believe  that your taxes wont go up, the deficit was cut and they saved the country from another Obama collapse.  

That is if you believed any of them.  The bloggers, commentators, journalists, protesters, talk show hacks and just your normal everyday mindless drone on the left have talking points and spin.  They have demonstrated once again that they all lack credibility and should never be taken seriously.  

The Facts Are Simple

1.  Almost Everyone is going to end up paying A LOT more in taxes.
2.  The deficit is actually going to go up 4 trillion dollars (how is that keeping us off the cliff?)
3.  Socialism is the new norm in this country of dependents. 
4.  Obama is not done yet.  He is coming after even more money from CITIZENS.

There is nothing really more to add to this.  Anyone that doesn't "get" this is all ready beyond hope and their credibility shot to hell.  

Happy New Year