Thursday, February 14, 2013

Almost Yearly Valentines Links

Valentines should be a holiday strictly for kids and not for self absorbed women that don't feel loved unless Hallmark tells them that they are.  

1.  10 of the creepiest vintage Valentines 
2.  Overland Park Police Department arrest 13 people looking to get more bang for their buck this Valentines Day.
3.  Porn is better than having sex with this guys wife. 
4.  Free Redbox rental codes for VDay
5.  4 ways to grab her attention and Keep It.
6.  "We should do it now while we can"  You can use this line with these facts.
7.  Today also happens to be National Condoms Day (what a coincidence).  Here are some things that you probably didn't know about condoms.
8.  Ladies - THIS IS NOT, NOT, NOT what your husband really wants in bed. just ruined several marriages with this crappy advice.
9.  15 love quotes from Hip Hop Songs.  Umm Yeah.
10.  Mass.  Pisses on Valentines Day for school kids because of cultural equality issues.  Thanks again liberals.